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Shelley Brierley, M.Ed, CCC, RCC, RTC

Ms. Brierley is an international speaker, having been invited to speak in Indonesia, Ireland, Australia, USA, and Canada over the past 30 years. She holds a BA in Sociology/Psychology and a Masters Degree in Education/Counselling Psychology from the University of British Columbia.

Ms. Brierley is a counsellor, therapist, facilitator, instructor and international speaker who has taught in a number of countries; Indonesia, Ireland, Australia, USA, and Canada.  Over the past 30 years, through her work, in the roles previously listed, she has touched the lives of thousands of people.  Ms. Brierley presents workshops, seminars and keynotes on such topics as Systems Theory, The Circle of Strength™, Effective Communications, Family Systems,  Perceptual Control Theory, Reality Therapy, Counselling, Team Building, The Evolution of Educator; Leaders as Learners, Method of Levels, Relationship Building, Stress Management, Visioning, Management, Conflict Resolution, Personal Motivation, Self Esteem, and Quality in Education.

Shelley holds a BA in Sociology/Psychology and a Masters Degree in Education/Counselling Psychology from the University of British Columbia.  As well she has her certification as a Life Skills Coach, Reality Therapist and Applied Control Theorist.  She was a Senior Faculty Member with the International Association of Applied Perceptual Control Theory from 1996 - 2011 and a Senior Faculty Instructor with the International Association of Control Theory, Reality Therapy and Quality Management, with Dr. William Glasser in California from 1980 - 1996.

Her belief in sharing knowledge and information creates a healthy platform from which she works to enhance personal awareness of the choices available to all she works with: behaviours, perceptions and core beliefs.  As a counsellor, personal consultant and therapist,  Ms. Brierley offers the added dimension of education to her work.  When individuals or couples are missing skills, an understanding of the dynamics of human relationships, etc. Ms. Brierley frequently teaches these skills or strategies; communications skills, conflict resolution techniques, pain management, decision making, parenting skills, etc. in order to support individuals in moving forward in their lives in the areas they wish. Consequently, she has developed a reputation as a seasoned therapist and counsellor, able to assist individuals from a broad spectrum of life and reflecting a wide variety of personal and interpersonal issues.

Shelley works with individuals, couples and families  as well as groups. She is an eclectic counsellor/therapist using a variety of approaches in her counselling, therapy and teaching based on what fits for each client; Family Systems Theory, Perceptual Control Theory, Cognitive Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Hypnosis, Meditation, Dream Work, Method of Levels Therapy, Reality Therapy,  Adult Children of Alcoholics work, Conflict Resolution and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).   Whichever techniques Ms. Brierley uses, she approaches her work from the relational, educational and therapeutic perspective examining family & group patterns, core beliefs, and individual choice,  with a view to aiding you or your group in goal setting, developing better, long and short term plans while recognizing and intentionally changing the patterns of behaviour you decide are no longer useful or valid for you. As a counsellor/therapist, Shelley then works with you to assist you in clarifying your perceptions, understanding your patterns of behaviour and supporting you in developing realistic plans so you can move forward, toward claiming your potential. She believes in personal responsibility and internal motivation.  Because of this,  she will work with you to help you learn better ways to live life using self-evaluation, and learning to focus energy to make the changes you decide are connected to the attainment of your primary goals in life.

Shelley’s approach, is eclectic in nature, partially due to the broad experience she brings to the wide range of services she offers. Regardless of the service, her hallmarks are: a a belief in personal and social responsibility, a focus on wellness, strengths, wants, needs, increasing awareness of successes and strengths, defining core beliefs, shifting perception, values clarification, focusing primarily on the present and future, helping individuals, families and teams clarify what they want, and challenging those involved to consider and focus on what they actually have some control of.  She frequently teaches clients what she refers to as, the short hand of needs: loving, playful, powerful, free, survival and spirit. The latter is used to assist you in understanding why you behave as you do, while providing you with a tool for problem solving, goal attainment and strengthening of your self esteem.  Because of her breadth of skills and knowledge, Ms. Brierley works with you, utilizing an approach that fits with you and your ways of processing information.  She will assist you in increasing your personal repertoire of skills in perceiving from different perspectives and behaviours  to assist you in more effectively meeting your needs.  Through a brief family history, Ms. Brierley assists individuals in identifying family patterns, confronting faulty core beliefs, developing chosen core beliefs, defining behaviours which reflect the same. When this information is taken into consideration, it is easier for individuals to shift behaviours toward hoped for, chosen outcomes and your future life path.

Her professional background involves working with: juveniles in treatment centers, social assistance candidates with human resources, single parents on Assistance, individuals in psychiatric life skills programs, referrals from probation /parole services, individuals through a crisis unit and with emotionally and socially dysfunctional adults through Canadian Mental Health in Calgary, Alberta; Human Resources in Regina Saskatchewan, individuals attending job readiness programs at Wascana Institute and Continuing Education Departments in Regina, Saskatchewan, individuals, couples and families in counselling with a non denominational counselling agency, the Pastoral Institute of British Columbia and a wide variety of clients in her private practice.

Shelley has lived in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver since 1978 where she began her work as an individual, relationship, family and lifestyles counsellor/consultant with the Pastoral Institute of B.C. until 1982.  She opened her private practice and consulting firm in the White Rock / Langley B.C. area in 1983, where she has her practice to date.

Over the years, Shelley has designed, developed and coordinated programs for provincial, state and departmental agencies, schools, school districts and agencies on such topics as: communications, motivations, systems thinking, self esteem, stress management and interpersonal relationship building and team building; developing and leading workshops and seminars for business and professional groups; manpower counsellors, child/day-care workers, parole officers, groups home workers, support staff, rehabilitation staff, business employees, receptionists, grief counsellors, educators, administrators, drug/alcohol counsellors, medical and dental groups and management teams.

Shelley has worked extensively across North America, as well as in other countries, with educators and administrators since 1985. Since that time she has been involved with numerous school districts, teaching the principles of personal and social responsibility, understanding human motivation, self esteem, self evaluation, effective communication, group process, lead management and the move toward Quality in Education. In 1993 she, along with consultants from her consulting group in B.C., developed a five-day program “Evolution of Leadership - Leaders as Learners” which encompasses the afore mentioned principles, framed toward the development of the concept of personal and shared leadership. This program is also adapted for educators, business, counsellors, medical personnel, etc. to facilitate the development of their personnel toward more effective personal behaviour, social responsibility and shared leadership within the system.

She has developed a dynamic visual presentation, the “Circle of Strength™” which provides a conceptual frame of reference for understanding conflict and systems change. Her mini book “Blame to Balance” (1997) addresses the patterns and dynamics of behaviour in personal, interpersonal and professional interactions when stress and conflict arise. The theoretical frame involved in The Circle of Strength™ clearly depicts the skills necessary for individuals to develop or strengthen the self, their relationships or the organizational system.

Shelley is a life long learner.  In the past 30 years she has attended a variety of seminars in order to develop her skills and keep abreast of current knowledge in the field of counselling and human relations. Some recent examples are: Canadian Society of Clinical Hypnosis BC 2008, Dr. Lee Pulos Emotional Freedom Technique, 2009 Feb 10, 11, 12 , Advanced Workshops: Feb 12, 13, & 14, 2010,  Feb 13, 14, 15, 2011,  Dr. Gary Elkins,  on Hypnosis with Pain Management and Menopause October 2009,  Dr. Leora Kuttner on Hypnosis for Children and Teens, April 16, 2011, Justice Institute of BC presents Dr. Daniel Siegle on Brain Mind - The Science of Personal and Relational Transformation, May 11 & 12, 2011;  Perceptual Control Theory Conference; Quangzhou, China 2005, July 20 - 24;  North Carolina, USA, July 2002; Dealing with Critical Incidence, Trauma and Stress, Burnaby, BC, 2001; Canadian Human Resources Management Conference Saskatoon, Sask., 2000; Southeast Asian Teachers and Counsellors Conference, Jakarta, Indonesia, 1999, International Counselling Congress 1997, International Control Theory Conference in Minnesota in 1997, Ericksonian Psychotherapists Conference, Germany, 1994; Institute for Control Theory, Reality Therapy, and Quality Management Conference, Ireland in 1994; Deming Forum, Minnesota in 1994, Institute for Control Theory, Reality Therapy, & Quality Management, New Orleans, 1993; Ericksonian Conference L.A., USA, 1992.

Her credentials include: Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology out of the Faculty of Education, UBC and an undergrad BA in Sociology, Psychology, Clinical member of the Canadian Guidance and Counselling Association, Registered Clinical Counsellor with the B.C. Clinical Counsellors Association. As well, Shelley is a Certified Life Skills Coach and an Advanced Instructor and Senior Faculty Member with the International Association of Applied Perceptual Control Theory for which she taught and supervised students in their schooling toward certification in Perceptual Control Theory utilizing concepts of Method of Levels and Reality Therapy.  In 2010 she was awarded a First Nations Name by the Gitzxalla Band and the British Columbia Counselling Association (BCCA) awarded her one of their most prestigious awards: the Professional Care Award for exhibiting Special Creativity and Effectiveness in Providing Counselling and Professional Care. Her business: Oasis Consulting Ltd. has co-ordinated much of the education throughout the province for Reality Therapy from 1983 - 1995 and Perceptual Control Theory throughout B.C. from 1995 forward.

Over the years, Ms. Brierley has served on a number of boards: She was a founding member and past president of the Reality Therapy Association of B.C., Past President of the Canadian Association for Reality Therapy, serving as the Canadian representative to the International Institute for CT, RT & QM board from 1990 to 1993 and as a director on the board of the International Association of Applied Perceptual Control Theory, operating out of North Carolina USA, from 1995 - 1999.  She served on the International Association of Perceptual Control Theory and held the position of secretary from 2003- 2005.  Ms. Brierley is currently and has been a director on board of the BC Chapter of Canadian Clinical Counsellors and Psychotherapists Association since 2007,  serving as it's secretary from 2007 - 2008.  Ms. Brierley was Chair of the International Reality Therapy Conference  and Certification in Vancouver in 1992 and the International Association of Applied Control Theory (IAACT) Certification in Vancouver in 1998.