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Consultant - Shelley Brierley



Saskatchewan Day-Care Association Training Program - 1976
This program was developed as a module to train all day care staff across the province of Saskatchewan in communications skills.

"Evolution of Leadership" Leaders as Learners ©
"The program has proved to be a powerful means of influencing change within an organization! Facilitators taught us a way of understanding our human "needs" and the related behaviours as well as how we as individuals can influence the improvement process occurring within a system. The process teaches us all how to take responsibility for our own behaviours and how working together in an interdependent environment will build a healthier team-centered organization, improving the learning opportunities of our students."
- Bruce Blaine, Superintendent, Centralia School District, Wash., U.S.A.

Leadership "Circle of Strength ©Re-framing Conflict: Understanding Patterns of Behaviour"

"The workshop was an elegant and powerful learning experience. It catalyzed the establishment of functional relationships in several co-workers at the health unit where people had been distracted by interpersonal conflicts."
- Dr.Lorna Medd, MHO,Prince George, BC

"Your workshops created an open-minded group of people who are now, truly, working together. The atmosphere in our building is relaxed and upbeat. I would like to thank you from all of us, for having provided us with the insight needed to work together."
- Gerry ten Wolde, President, Board of Directors, Quesnel and District Credit Union.

"Strength we all strive for, but it is one of the most difficult concepts to define and teach, Many professionals I have worked with are excited to use Ms. Brierley's dynamic "Circle of Strength to move from helpless to hopeful in the challenging times of systems change."
- Diane Gossen, Author of "Restitution, Doing It, Creating the Conditions".

"Thank you so much Shelley. This has already helped me personally and professionally and will take our staff light years toward meeting our goals!"
- Jody Nelson, Principal, Peter Greer School, Kelowna, BC

"The Circle of Strength concepts helped me regain control over my relationships at no one's expense and everyone's benefit."
- John Smithman, President, New Business Support Services, B.C.

“I have contracted staff training with Shelley for 15 years. I believe Shelley is a great teacher of congruent communication in personal and interpersonal relationships. She leads through modelling healthy and supportive strategies to access the person you have the potential to become.”
- Cindy Ignas, Manager of Parenting Services for the Northern Interior Health Authority, BC

A Brief Synopsis of Workshops Conducted by Ms. Brierley

Shelley Brierley has worked with management, staff, administrators, teachers, and parents in Canada, the United States, Ireland, Indonesia and Australia. A sampling of some of the groups with whom Ms.Brierley has worked, many over a number of occasions, is as follows:

ECSU Minneapolis St. Paul Principals Acad Minn.
BCPAC Assoc. Provincial Conf, Vancouver, BC
Victoria, BC , Principals Association, BC, Canada
Concrete High Sch, Staff Team, Washington USA
Conflict Resolution/SelfEsteem/PeerCounsel Prgm
Can. Parking Assoc. Training & Customer Service
Chilliwack Secondary Sch Admin & Teachers
PParent North, Brd/Management Team, P.G. B.C.
Quality School Consortium, Minneapolis, MN
International Counselling Congress, Van, B.C.
Ed. Admin. Team, Plattsburgh, N. York, U.S.A.
BC Special Educators Conf, Van, Canada.
South Shore Sch Dist. Admin. Team, Montreal, Que.
B.C. Figure Skating Coaches, Kelowna, B.C.
Univ British Columbia, ManagementTeam,Van,BC
Quality Schools Conference, Portland, Oregon
Boundary Health, Audiology Dept. Surrey/Delta
B.C. Assoc. of Cont Ed. Administrators, Kelowna
University of BC Business Department Personnel
B.C. Special Educators Conference, Vancouver.
CampbellCounty Sch Dist. Gillette,Wyoming,USA
Grand Rapids School District, Michigan, USA.
Quesnel School Dist, Alternate Ed Programs
Newton Elementary School, Surrey, BC Canada
Keating Parent Group, Victoria, BC
United Flower Growers Assoc of BC, Vancouver, BC
Living Through Loss Centre, Vancouver, BC
New South Wales, Guidance Counsellors Assoc, Australia
Women in Leadership, Quesnel, B.C.
Marshalltown School District, Marshalltown, Iowa, USA
Wash State Vocational Rehabilitation, U.S.A.
Prince George Para-Professionals Human Services
Canadian Human Resources Management Conference
Aea #4 School District Administrators, Iowa, USA
Aea #4 Teachers and Counsellors, Iowa, USA Evergreen Sch District, Evergreen, Wash, USA

Centralia Wash SchDist Management Team, USA
Zumbro Education District, Byron, MN Elizabeth Fry Society, Vancouver, B.C.
Alcohol and Drug Staff Training, Saskatchewan
Customer Service Communications, Cont Ed. Sask.
Inst. For Control Theory, Reality Therapy and Quality Management, Ireland
P.A.S.C.O. Rehabilitation Association, WA
Terrace Counselling and Crisis Centre, Terrace, BC
Social Services and Housing Ministry, Van, B.C.
Ed. Fenn Dental Group, Richmond, B.C.
White Rock Women's Centre, White Rock, BC
Day-care Workers Assoc. of Sask, Sask. Gov't.
Prince George Home Support Society. PG, BC
Invermere School District, Invermere, BC
Ron Beaton Dental Group, Richmond, BC
Vernon PAC Association Conference
Canadian Mental Health Association
Healthy Schools , Surrey, BC Canada
Leadership Training Centralia Sch Dist, Wash, USA
Vancouver Women's Centre, Vancouver, BC
South East Counsellors/Teachers Assoc, Indonesia
Dease Lake Admin Teambuilding, Atlin BC
Joe Duquette First Nations Sch. Saskatoon, Sask.
Professional Dental Association, Langley, BC
Uniglobe Travel Group, Vancouver, BC
Women's Place, Langley, BC, Canada
Western Canadian First Nations' Conference, Saskatoon, Sask.
Bellingham School District Admin Training, Washington, USA
Bellingham School District Union Negotiations, Washington, USA
Cedar Falls Area 7 School District Admin Team, Iowa, USA
Carynia Oaks Rehab Ctr Staff for Mentally Disadvantaged, Sydney, Australia
Focus Seminar, Victora, B.C.

Project Parent North, Prince George, B.C.

St. Leo's Private College, Sydney, Australia

Rooty Hill, Sydney, Australia

Thinkers' Group, Sydney, Australia

North West Counselling Agency, Terrace B.C. Canada

???  Band near Chilcotin Williams Lake, B.C

Drug and Rehab???Winston Salem, North Carolina


Gitxalla Band Counsel, Kitkatla, B.C., Canada

Rotary Clubs of B.C.