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Therapist - Shelley Brierley


One of the things that delights Shelley is that so many of her clients recommend her to both friends and family. It is clear indications that people perceive the process of therapy Ms. Brierley uses, to be both helpful and respectful.

As a therapist, Ms. Brierley uses her extensive background in Psychology and Sociology to individualize her approach to meet client needs. She has an exceptional ability to assist people in clarifying their hopes and wants, identify and claim their perception of reality and then assisting them in developing realistic plans for the future to allow them to see their potential. This is done through a series of perceptual and behavioural changes.

The therapeutic process is different from counselling in that much of the work is to assist individuals in resolving personal issues, often unfinished from childhood trauma. This can involve, thinking patterns, decisions, core beliefs, value judgements, etc. When these are inconsistent with our hopes and dreams, they create conflict within the individual, interfering with one's ability to develop meaningful relationships with others.

Contrary to many therapists, Ms. Brierley's focus is largely on the present and the future. When she determines it to be relevant to an individuals growth and development, she works with clients on past issues, reframing past behaviours and events in order to invite individuals to consider changing core beliefs to harness their energy for their current and future life path.

We make many of our first and most important decisions about what we believe about the world when we are children, having incomplete developmental thinking abilities. Ms. Brierley assists people in identifying the decisions upon which they are currently basing their actions in life. When these are faulty,  out of awareness, often chosen as coping mechanisms, made at times when thinking was in its' earliest stages of development, they can create inner turmoil and frustration within the individual.  When this happens it limiting the individuals ability to develop healthy relationships with others. Once these behaviours or patterns are identified by the individual, they can recognize the incongruity, the faultiness of this thinking and are then invited to re-decide what they now believe to be true about the issue identified. As a therapist, it is then Ms. Brierley's role to assist and support them in re-evaluating,  choosing behaviours that echo their beliefs from their new perspective. Much of this work focuses on different ways of seeing and perceiving the world. A strong believer in personal and social responsibility, as well as Perceptual Control Theory, Ms. Brierley works with people to help them learn better ways to live their lives through self-evaluation, focusing their energy to work for the changes they determine are primary goals for their life.

As an eclectic therapist, Ms. Brierley utilises the best of what she knows from a variety of theoretical and skill based counselling approaches in order to be most effective to meet the needs of the individual(s) she with working with. This includes: Hypnosis, Gestalt, Method of Levels, Reality Therapy, Systems Theory, Meta Cognitive Work, Dream Therapy, Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA), Inner Child Work, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Dream Work. She is known for her focus on individual strengths.  She works with individuals assisting them in padding their weaknesses and developing her strengths.

As a therapist, Shelley is known for her warm, accepting manner.

“Shelley Brierley has a very gentle, understanding approach, to counselling. I immediately felt, a sense of calm, which helped me to relax, and open up. Her honest approach helped me to see things as they were, and not how I wanted them to be. I feel I have been able to move forward very quickly and enjoy living the life I always wanted to. I now am experiencing such happiness and success in all aspects of my life! I have learned to have the courage to make decisions that are right for me! I am being 'Loyal' to myself and, therefore, am being rewarded with such inner peace and happiness! I feel so thankful to have been referred to Shelley and value and appreciate the special counsellor/client relationship we have shared together. I now call her a dear friend! I am proud and confident to refer others to Shelley.”
- A very happy client, Patricia VanGolen