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Counselling Therapist


We do virtually no advertising, yet Ms. Brierley’s schedule is consistently busy! What better indication that what she offers as a counselling therapist is both skilled and effective in assisting her clients in determining what is important to them and making the changes they choose.

Ms. Brierley provides counselling therapy for individuals, couples and families at her ‘Oasis’ in Langley, B.C., just a couple of miles East of the Can/US Blaine Border Crossing next to High Point and across from Campbell Valley Park. With an excess of thirty years of experience as a counselling therapist, Shelley utilizes a creative, eclectic approach to assist individuals and couples in identifying, creating and maintaining, hoped for outcomes.Shelley as a Counsellor

The process of counseling therapy is that of assisting others in effective problem solving strategies: identifying and considering their ideal hoped for outcomes, recognizing current behaviours and strategies utilized, where appropriate educating individuals in missing skill sets, developing creative options and evaluating the implications of the same on one's life and that of others involved, considering both the short and long term. Once done, it is a relatively easy process for individuals and couples to make realistic plans, working to implement them, creating themselves to be “the persons they want to be”. Ongoing work, the pace of which is set by the client and Ms. Brierley together, involves the process of coaching.

For many clients, counseling therapy is a cognitive, and experiential approach. Ms. Brierleys’ repetoire  of approaches is impressive. Tapping into various pools of knowledge including the science of Perceptual Control Theory, Shelley works with individuals and couples utilizing skills, strategies and approaches that first best with each client. As a Counselling Therapist she utilizes the best of her experience and knowledge of Cognitive Therapy, Family Systems,  Gestalt Therapy, Dream Therapy, Responsible Decision Making, Reality Therapy, Mediation, Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Method of Levels, Conflict Resolution and the model she has developed called The Circle of Strength™. Her approach is warm and personable, non judgemental, a unique style of counseling.

Ms. Brierleys’ strength is in her ability to respectfully and empathetically assist individuals, couples and groups in understanding their behaviour. Focusing on positives, strengths and successes, Ms. Brierley is known for her ability to facilitate her clients’ ability to perceive themselves, others and their situation in new ways and from new perspectives. The bi-product is that together, client and counselling therapist, open up a range of options from which the client can view their situation, choose and behave.

Shelley has worked as a counselling therapist for in excess of thirty years. Twenty five of these have been through her private practice in the White Rock, Langley area.

NOTE re EAP Programs:
Oasis Consulting Ltd. is able to accommodate clients under many employee health benefit plans.  Please discuss this the the office manager when booking.

“I have studied under Shelley’s guidance and can attest to her incredible talent as a teacher in both instructional and counseling roles. Her insights into others behaviours are accurate and intense. Shelley has a gift of allowing a person to push themselves above and beyond the usual limits toward growth and success.”

Lynne Hamilton
Susan Bennett
Patsy Cousins