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Educator - Shelley Brierley


Years ago a vice-principal of a school in Richmond stated Ms. Brierley was a true educator.  Shelley was delighted with the comment and asked what the other meant by this, the person quoted the definition of " Education: educare – to lead forth". She said Shelley had a high level of skill as an Educator, being able to “draw out” the wisdom of the individual, group or family vs. “lecturing – filling up” an individual, group or team.

Ms. Brierley believes good therapy is educational and good education is therapeutic. She has been an adult educator of educators for over 30 years, teaching communications skills, problem solving, conflict resolution, team building, to name but a few of the topics she addresses in her workshops.

A Senior Instructor with the International Reality Therapy Association from 1980 - 1996, and now a Senior Instructor with the International Association of Applied Perceptual Control Theory, Ms. Brierley has taught in five countries, taught clerical workers, educators and upper management, worked in the north with First Nations Tutorial Aids and taught senior administrators in sessions with the Minneapolis - St. Paul, Tri City Administrators Association, she has taught bankers, dental hygienists and travel agents.

As an educator, she is versatile. Incorporating, what is now known as, "multiple intelligences" her teaching style is varied and interactive, inside - out, building onto her student's previous knowledge. She believes that when people understand the theory, the science and "the big picture", the skill sets she teaches to deal with different situations makes sense, resulting in an easier grasp, assimilation and transfer of the same to life situations.

Shelley as a Educator