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A skilled facilitator often appears to be magician. They make things look easy and one isn’t quite sure how the situation moved from A to B but you know it has.

Ms. Brierley believes that good facilitation is “The creating of balance between people, within teams, organizations, families and partnerships”.

Part of what is difficult about being a member of a team or a participant in a relationship is knowing and maintaining the fine line between being a team member and an individual.  In order for people to participate cooperatively in teaming, whether in a family or organization, individuals must be able to see there is room for individuality within a team which conforms. Another key to effective facilitation is one’s ability to perceive what Ms. Brierley refers to as “The Gift” in any given situation, scenario, individual, family or team. When those involved learn to perceive and utilize the strengths of all involved, any team will function more effectively. Together these are keys to Ms. Brierleys’ role as a facilitator.

Ms. Brierley has worked with couples, teams and organizations facilitating minor and major conflicts. She sees her primary role in these situations as assisting people in finding or creating common ground. This process involves people in clarifying their personal visions and past successes, and identifying values and beliefs involved. Once done, Shelley teaches and demonstrates an individuals’ ability to communicate the same to one another, through actions, speech and listening. So all participants have an equal ability to participate, this involves learning new skills and strategies.  Ms. Brierley then assists participants in synthesizing their thoughts and comments into shared visions, with agreed upon roles, behaviours, values, beliefs and agreements.

Having worked with Sr. Management of School Districts, business, non profit organizations, families and couples, Ms. Brierley is very versatile in her ability to creatively develop a program to facilitate and meet the unique needs of any group.