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CIRCLE OF STRENGTH™- Reframing Conflict: From Blame to Balance


"You only have choice when you have awareness (Brierley 1993)". This presentation creates awareness of the cornerstones and behaviours involved in conflict we each experience in times of change. It provides a “big picture” frame of reference from which to view and consider conflicts, as well as the “little picture” outline of strategies and behaviours that assist individuals in defining “the kind of person they want to be.” The workshop has consistently been considered "life changing",  providing participants with practical strategies to assist them in gaining a sense of control, in spite of the situations they find themselves involved in.

What is Circle of Strength

The Circle of Strength is a dynamic interactive presentation. Using colourful floor mats, Ms. Brierley plays out a variety of scenarios, clearly demonstrating the various patterns of behaviour involved in conflicts in organizations, between people and within individuals. Having worked in the human relations field for over 30 years, Ms. Brierley developed “The Circle of Strength™” as a means of sharing the wealth of knowledge she has gleaned from her relationship work over the years. It explicitly demonstrates dynamics which she has observed to be generic cornerstones of relationships, regardless of culture. Those who experience it, whether individuals, families or teams, find they have a new way to think about and talk about their current relationships, as well , it provides them with an alternative map from which to view the roles they play in conflict and a new perspective from which to consider conflict and it's possible solutions.

The Circle, as Shelley calls it, reveals the dynamic pattern various behaviours seem to invite within an interaction. Once seen, The Circle provides options and strategies necessary to intentionally choose behaviours that can, over time, influence relationships, as well as one’s way of living life whether in the home, school, business and/or community. For those who are parents or helpers, it offers a number of specific strategies that can be taught to assist others in becoming more effective in dealing with their conflicts. A consistent comment from participants is "I now have hope that I can make a difference in my life and in my relationships"!