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We only have choice when we have awareness


Leaves are falling, colouring the wind, and signaling Earth’s process of change. As we contemplate these external physical expressions, we automatically begin preparing for the changing weather we know is coming. Does it make sense for it to be any different with human beings? If we learn to watch and listen for our own signals, they will assist us in preparing for and dealing with the changes and choices that are presenting themselves in our lives.

Feelings are our signal system. Their purpose is to communicate to us that something within us is shifting. When feelings nudge us, it is time to assess, or re-assess, the situations we are involved in or to reconsider our beliefs and behaviours in relation to these situations. Our behaviour expresses who we are, what we believe in and what our values are, as well as indicating to the world (and ourselves) the kind of people we are becoming. If you are consistently experiencing unpleasant feelings, your signals are telling you something is at odds between your beliefs and your behaviours.

We can only choose intentionally, when we are aware of what we want, aware of what we are currently doing and when we have evaluated the possible consequences of our actions. In my experience, a person’s behaviour, is not necessarily chosen in awareness, but is often a habitual behaviour held over from a time when it was effective in getting the person what s/he wanted.
If you don’t like the feelings you are experiencing, or your behaviour is no longer effective in getting you what you want, or you don’t like the person you are becoming, it is time to re-assess. Ask yourself the following questions: “ What is it I want to be seeing or hearing that I am not seeing or hearing? What is within my control? What can I do to influence the situation in a constructive direction? Will the change I am contemplating, take me in the direction I wish to go… short term and long term? Or is my behaviour just a quick fix to “feel good”, a temporary solution that will create a more serious or difficult set of problems for me in the future? What kind of person do I want to be? ”

Every behaviour you choose today is laying the foundation for the person you are becoming (Circle of Strength - April 89). As Gandhi said, ‘Be the change in the world you wish to see.”
Choose to take time to become aware of your internal signals. Take time to acknowledge and appreciate the many gifts in your life today. “Focus” changes perceptions.

It is time to acknowledge and utilize our ongoing internal changes. Ask yourself, “Have I listened to my feelings today. Am I acting on them, intentionally, to move myself toward becoming the person I want to be? Am I behaving in a manner that is creating the kind of world I want to live in.”
“We only have choice when we have awareness.” Perception makes all the difference.

Watch for the next column of “The Oasis Within” - “Perceptions – your Point of Choice”.

Shelley Brierley is a private consultant, therapist and public speaker who resides in the White Rock/Langley area. Upcoming training programs sponsored by Oasis Consulting Ltd and open to the public are as follows:

Certification Program: International Assoc. for Applied (Internal) Control Theory
Act 1 (Shelley Brierley of Langley, B.C. )in Langley, B.C. Feb 7-10/2000
Act 2 (Perry Good of N. Carolina,USA), in Langley, B.C. Feb 7-10/2000
Act 1 (Shelley Brierley) in Langley, B.C. July 20 – 24/2000
Act 2 (Perry Good ) in Langley, B.C. July 20 – 24/2000
Act 3 – Certification (Diane Gossen of Saskatoon, Sask) in Langley, B.C.
July 20–24/2000
Overall Direction Workshop (Perry Good) in Langley, B.C., February 12/2000
Restitution Training (Diane Gossen) in Langley, B.C. March ******
Circle of Strength Workshop (Shelley Brierley) in Langley, B.C. April 14 & 15/2000



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