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Oasis Consulting Ltd. - our Purpose


Oasis Philosophy 2011


Our Mission

We are a life long learning organization.


Our Goal

To promote personal independence while enhancing inter-dependence,

with reference to the efficacy of all individuals, relationships, systems and groups with whom we are involved.


Our Purpose

Is two fold:

  • to provide education, training and coaching for individuals and organizations
  • to provide facilitation, counselling or therapeutic services to individuals, couples, families and relationships who seek us out


We Value:

Connectedness, personal and social responsibility, integration, relationships, growth, integrity, balance, the whole,

alignment of head, heart and hand, the internal locus of control, collaboration, communication, self evaluation and goal setting.

We believe:

1.  All people can learn.

2.  All behaviour is purposeful

3.  We only have choice when we have awareness.

4. People are doing the best they can, under the circumstances, given the stresses and strains of the moment.

5.  Alignment of behaviours, values and beliefs creates a sense of integrity.

6.  That,  by creating and focusing on a vision, setting priorities while using self evaluation

and responsible decision making, continual improvement is possible .


Our Belief Statement:

Together we are better!