The Circle of Strength ™


the circle of strengthThe Circle of Strength is a synthesis of Shelley Brierley’s 30 years in the human relations field. Shelley brings a fresh perspective to the dynamics of personal, interpersonal and professional interactions. This workshop incorporates energetic, visual presentations with comprehensive theory and practical demonstrations.

The material provides participants with a unique, new conceptual frame of reference to better understand themselves, their behaviour and systems change. Perceptions and perspectives are key aspects addressed in this workshop.  The awareness and recognition of  the myriad of perspectives and differing perceptions that influence us, affects us and the dynamics involved in our interactions and our ability to act proactively. Concepts taught, provide participants with a means from which to become intentional in their interactions and to consider the long and short-term implications of behaviours for all involved.

Concepts Taught:




Assists People in Determining