Shelley Brierley, MEd, CCC, RCC, AHTC, RTC

Shelley has been involved as a  counselling therapist/psychotherapist/consultant for over 25 years.  Her background includes international speaking, teaching, facilitating, coaching and instruction in regards to balanced living, human behaviour and conflict resolution.  While wearing many hats, her clients consistently describe her as  welcoming, comforting, safe, challenging, skilled, knowledgeable, and supportive in helping them with a variety of life issues, helping align their behaviours, values and beliefs.   

Her Practice

Ms. Brierley currently works with individuals, couples,  and families, providing best practices and counselling strategies to connect and support individuals involved.  Utilizing her breadth of experience, Shelley brings a wide range of knowledge,  skills, and flexibility.   

Her Approach

 The word 'philosophy' is defined as 'the love of wisdom,' which amplifies Ms. Brierley's belief in 'Lifelong Learning.' She encourages this, not only with those she works with, but in her own life as well, which is reflected by her frequent reference to clinets as students. 

The counselling modalities Shelley utilizes are extensive, including: Family Systems Theory; Perceptual Control Theory, Hypnotherapy; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy; Gestalt Therapy, Meditation, Mindfulness; Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT); Dream Work; Method of Levels Therapy; Reality Therapy; Adult Children of Alcoholics work; and Conflict Resolution.

Located in the White Rock and Langley areas of BC, Shelley began her private practice in 1983,   where it currently continues to thrive.   For many years prior and up until 2010, Shelley  taught workshops and seminars in Canada, the United States,  Australia, and Internationally, with Counsellors, Therapists,  Educators, Parent Groups, Business Managers, Management Teams, School Districts and Government Organizations.

Most of our clients are recommended by  previous clients, clearly indicating her students and clients perceive Ms. Brierley's work to be helpful,  respectful, valuable, and life-changing.   Shelley considers this to be one of the greatest compliments her clients can give.

Education, Accreditation, & Awards

She holds a BA in Sociology/Psychology and a Master's Degree in Education/Counselling Psychology from the University of British Columbia.  For many years Shelley was a certified Life Skills Coach and is now accredited through the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, and the British Columbia Clinical Counsellors Association. For many years she was an Advanced Instructor with The International Institute for Reality Therapy, later training and teaching Perceptual Control Theory.  In recent years she completed her accreditation as an Advanced Hypnotherapist adding greater depth to her work.


In 2010 she was awarded a First Nations Name, "T'sum Um Ta,"  by the Gitzxalla Band of Northern British Columbia. Having worked with many First Nations People in Western Canada throughout her career, she considers this as an incredible honour.

In that same year The British Columbia Counselling Association (BCACC) awarded her one of their most prestigious awards: the Professional Care Award for exhibiting Special Creativity and Effectiveness in Providing Counselling and Professional Care.  

While involved in her Advanced Hypnotherapy Training, in 2018, she was once again honoured to receive the name 'Mukti.'

'The important this is this:  To be ready, at any moment, to sacrifice what you are for what you could become."  - Charles Dubois