the circle of strength™


"You only have choice when you have awareness (Brierley 1993)".  Ms. Brierley created this frame of reference from which one can understand peace and conflict in human relationships. She has taught this in three continents, over a number of years.  It creates awareness of the cornerstones and behaviours we each experience in times of change,  providing a “big picture” frame of reference from which to view and consider conflicts, as well as the “little picture” outline of strategies and behaviours which assist individuals in defining “the kind of person they want to be.” 

The workshop has consistently been considered "life changing", providing participants with practical strategies to assist them in gaining awareness of their strengths and weaknesses and a sense of control, in spite of the situations they find themselves involved in. 

The foundation of much of Ms. Brierley’s approach to her counselling therapy practice is based upon the concepts of The Circle of Strength™. Lasting change takes place through insight and awareness; a new experience of self; the development of skills and confidence in the self. She subtly weaves strategies and skill sets the individual(s) are missing into the process of counselling therapy, supporting the individual(s) in moving towards being who they wish to be.  A part of being human means that at times we all slip-off of our “Circle.”  As the individual(s) become emotionally stronger and more balanced, behaving as “the person(s) they wish to be,”  they are able to perceive when and how they can intentionally self-evaluate to their “Circle.”  


With the intent of providing a means from which you can bring the "Circle" into your home and life Shelley has been working, for a number of years, on her book: The Circle of Strength,™ based on her work and teachings. 

When completed, the book will be available for purchase through this website. 

"And the day came when the risk to stay closed in a bud became more painful than the risk it took to blossom."  - Anise Nin

The Circle of Strength™

"The Circle of Strength™ concepts helped me regain control over my relationships at no one's expense and to everyone's benefit."  - John Smithman, President, New Business Support Services, B.C.